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Zmorph Laser Test – Tutorial

Please find here the Zmorph Laser Test, a configuration page that will make a test with all possible parameter to then help you to find which one is best for your material


For once I will switch to english for my website, I’ll see to enhance my website in 2 languages later…

Lately I bought a new toolhead on the Zpmorph machine SX 2.0 an then I what playing around, trying to find the best settings.
I found that task being a bit time consuming and not always in target with my expectation… So to have a better first try result on my design I though about making a test page for that laser toolhead. Then it will cost me about 1h45 to run that test, but once it is run on a sample of my material I’ll then be able to set the exact rendering that I would expect for my design and therefore not wasting my time anymore.

Therefore for doing so you will need the following Gcode file: TestLaser

And I have set also a PDF file that explain the reading guide of the final engraved matrix in the material: LaserTestv1.0